Luke John Murphy


This is a collection of some of the resources I use for research and teaching. Some are my own, some are my takes on other people’s work, some are just links to external sources.
I hope you find them useful!




Texts Online

Luke’s Funding Applications

PhD Applications

In 2012 I submitted around a dozen applications looking for a PhD post: some were for unfunded positions, some for funded posts, and some for funding to support an unfunded position. Over the years I had several people show me their old applications, so - in the vein of paying it forward - here are some of mine. I’ve cut out a lot of the personal details, and mostly left the Project Descriptions. The text was generally pretty similar, so I’ll only make some applications available here. All but two were rejected!

Post-Doc Applications

As I’m still a post-doc, I’m not going to put up many of my applications for post-doc positions and funding. (As with PhD funding, I’ve applied several times for variations on the same project.) For reference, I’ve now applied more than 15 times in under two years, with two successes, and much less feedback than I received at PhD level.