Luke John Murphy

Luke John Murphy

Historian of Religion

Outreach is what academics call engaging with the public, and it’s increasingly accepted that this is an important function for modern scholars – no more ivory tower isolation! I’ve given public lectures, helped stage family-friendly museum events, and talked about my research on the radio. Here’s a sample of some of this work.

Hail Odin! is a mini-documentary made by student journalists in Aarhus 2015. I helped out as a consultant.

In 2018 I was interviewed on BBC Leicester’s Jack Rafferty Show about the history of British festival traditions.

December 2018, Christmas: Traditions through Time (09:12)

October 2018, Halloween: Then and Now (10:36)

March 2018, Easter: Exploring the Easter E.g. (07:57)

In 2018 I had a chat with Noah on The History of Vikings Podcast about pre-Christian Nordic religion.

October 2018, Rethinking Nordic Paganism (22:19)